Baby Photography

As your baby continues to grow, their features will change and continue to develop. I always recommend that people capture these special changes throughout that first year so you can observe their development and enjoy memories of each stage.

Setting up milestone photos are exactly that. During the first year babies reach certain developmental stages like tummy time or their first time standing. These big moments can pass by so fast and that is why I offer these milestones photos.

Milestone photos are taken over the span of 3 months to 12 months. There is no set time for you to pick the months, although most common is is every three months. However, every baby differs and you can schedule the session for whatever suits you and your babies progress.

Much like most of my photos, I like to keep the photos simple and neutral. I use minimal props and headbands or tie backs and even some outfit options. I aim to keep things simple so that the focus remains on your beautiful growing baby. If you have any further questions please feel free to call, email, or private message me and I will gladly assist.