I’m Lacey a mom, artist, baby addict, and owner of Lacey Cooper Photography. I am obsessed with coffee, cupcakes, music, and anything I can shake my rump to! I’m an extra bacon and butter kind of girl, a proud mom to an awesome little girl. I am blessed to have been chosen to share my gift of capturing the love and pure sweetness of your babies.

This is a once in a lifetime opportunity and something you can never get back once it is gone, from capturing your sweet, nurturing motherly belly, to birth, milestones, birthdays and graduation. What I want you, potential client, to know is that I GET YOU. I get what you want to capture, I know how fast these moments pass, how quick things can grow and change, and just for those brief moments everything will be at a standstill, but captured FOREVER.

My purpose as your photographer is to allow your vision + my style and skill to merge and create beautiful memorable photographs and I sincerely hope you enjoy visiting this site and possibly working together. Until next time…LC.