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When I set out on my journey and took my photography from a hobby to a business five years ago, no one was really talking about lifestyle photography. These days, lifestyle photography is trending. The desire to capture natural, relaxed images is being embraced now more than ever.

Before I even knew what lifestyle photography meant, I would go into people’s homes and film them as naturally as possible. By having conversations with people, I discovered that I could make them almost ‘forget’ the camera and think of me more like a friend, sister or play date. My goal of every session was to tell a story from start to finish – their story.

To get to the bottom of what lifestyle means, LIFESTYLE IS NOT STAGED.

When I walk into a home, the first thing I want to do is hang out in the child/children’s rooms. Why? Because this is their sanctuary. It’s where they feel most comfortable. It’s what is natural to them. And children LOVE showing off their room. And, you get what you get in a child’s room. I always tell parents to leave the rooms as is. The socks, the books scattered, It’s them. As they are. At this exact moment. THAT is lifestyle. In addition to not staging, there are no outside props brought in. Everything I use in a shoot is found in the home and organic to the folks that live there.

Newborn NJ Lifestyle photoshoot
Newborn Lifestyle session
mom and dad cuddling newborn
Newborn Lifestyle

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