Fresh 48 Photography

Fresh 48? Allow me to explain… within the first 48 hours of giving birth there are special and intimate moments that we can capture together. I offer a special session for new parents who want to document their baby’s firsts- first time meeting the family, first feedings, firsts sneezes and stretches. These photos are all done in the hospital room within 24-48 hours of delivery – or if the hospital allows during delivery. It is very intimate and these are cherished moments that you will never forget. The fresh 48 is such a magical session for me because I know firsthand how fast newborn features change. Hour by hour the little human starts to develop different unique characteristics. So much so that some of my clients have looked back and said their baby is almost unrecognizable.

What are you getting? As soon as you contact me that the birth has occurred I will arrive as quick as I can. Upon arrival, I will take several photographs during a one-hour session of the newborn baby as well as you and any family members you would like to include.

Baby Hospital Photos

Fresh 48 Photography for New York & New Jersey