Newborn Photography, baby wrapped up in hospital with a bow headband on her head

Fresh 48

I absolutely adore Fresh 48 sessions, and this one was no exception! Fresh 48 sessions are scheduled to take place after the birth of your baby before you’re discharged to go home, and take place during daylight hours. New mamas let me know when they’re going into labor and then confirm when baby has arrived, and we coordinate when I’m coming in. If you’re welcoming a new sibling, many families love to try and coordinate me being there when big brother or big sister meets their new baby for the first time. Grandparents are always welcome to participate as well. We will always start the session with just mom, dad, and baby and have anyone else participating join after I’ve been there for about 20 minutes.

I travel to in town hospitals for these. I get a flu shot every single year in September, and my pertussis booster is updated every three years. My last pertussis vaccination was this past September. The safety of my tiny clients and their families is absolutely paramount!

Fresh 48’s are photographed in a documentary lifestyle format. I want you to remember your baby exactly as they were, with their flakes and wrinkly skin, and puffy little cheeks. I’m always amazed at how vastly different babies look at two days old compared to two weeks, and a Fresh 48 is a perfect way to preserve that forever.

New families decide on what they’re wearing. Some families want true documentary and opt to keep the classic hospital newborn hat and blanket on. Other families declined that hat and blanket and immediately used their own things for their new baby. Some mamas like to wear a robe or pretty nightgown, some mamas stay in their hospital gown, and others change into a dress. There is no right or wrong way to go about it – please dress in a way that makes you feel beautiful and how you want to remember being when you look at your images 20 years from now.

During a Fresh 48 session, sometimes we will have nurses stop in, and I’ll take a step back and let them do what they need to do. It’s best to coordinate with your nursing staff before I come in on a time that we will have as few disturbances as possible. I’ve had a few frustrated parents when a nurse arrived and announced they were taking baby to the nursery for a test or shot that could have been delayed until later if the nursing staff had been made aware of my visit in advance.

If you’ve had a c-section, I’ll work around whatever limitations you may have. Some mamas feel better sitting while others prefer to stand. Even though this is very much a documentary approach, I’ll still be giving you some guided direction for natural interaction and helping you as needed! I’ll also sometimes help swaddle up baby (after washing my hands of course!) if you’re still getting the hang of it, and I’ll position baby in their hospital isolette for some solo images of just them and all their little details.

Here are just a few of my favorites from this Fresh 48 session! If you’d like to talk about booking a Fresh 48 session, contact me today!